This site is a work in progress and constantly updated as i get around to taking more pics and as more cars are added to the collection. To ease your navigation i will publish a list with links below taking you to the correct page.

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Latest Updates

Update 09/09/2011
Peugeot page added.

Update 22/07/2010

Wye Valley results and running totals added to Championship pages

Update 01/04/2010
'S' added to the site (Still working on Seat).
Mitsubishi added to the site (Still need to add text details)

Will try to add detail text as soon as i have the chance!

Update 23/04/2010

'S' added to the site (Still working on Seat).
Mitsubishi added to the site (Still need to add text details) and add a tab to the home page, but you will find it on page 23

Update 23/02/2010

New Toyota Celica's and Corolla's added

Update 13/01/2010
'Subaru' added to site including more to follow (yes i know the tab is spelt wrong - will change when i correct the other tabs)

Update 05/01/2010
'T' added to site including Talbot, Toyota & Triumph

Update 04/01/2010

'U,V,W' added to site

Update 04/01/2010
OpenSlot Citroen Xsara, Ford Escort Pendle LE and NSR Abarth added to galleries.

Update 11/12/2009
'G,H,I,J,K' added to the site, new Audi Quattro (Altaya added), Check out the fantastic JIDE.

Update 22/11/2009
Many new cars; Audi Quattro x4, Stunning Austin Frogeye, Fiat 850, Ford Puma, Cortinas x 2, Escorts, Focus and a BMw Z3!

Update 8/11/2009
Ford now listed 'Ford'

Update 24/10/2009
Ferrari and Fiat now listed 'E + F'

Update 09/10/2009

Corvette C, DKW & Datsun added to 'C + D'
(Check out the hand decorated 240Z - nice)
Another Saxo added to Citroen.

Update 05/10/2009
Caterham added to 'C + D'
(I know it's not a rally car, but they have been used as course cars and i love them!)

Criterium des Cevennes 1998

Update 05/10/2009

Bowler added to 'B'

Update 04/07/2012

Major update to most pages and MG, Seat, Renault Added