My name is Gareth Jex and I have been collecting, racing, writing about and promoting slot cars (more commonly known as Scalextric in the UK) for over twenty years.


When I first started collecting I collected any form of slot car, but mainly from the Scalextric brand. This collection grew to over 1500 cars and became too large. About 6 years ago I decided to concentrate my collecting to my main interest in motor sport namely rallying.


I now collect slot rally cars and accessories from all manufacturers, in a variety of scales, but mainly 1;32. There is no strict definition of what is and what is not a rally car and I make no apology for including some cars in my collection that others may not consider to be rally cars.


Most of the collection is formed of ready to race (RTR) slot cars, but increasingly the collection is being added to with modified kits, resin kits and scratch built cars some with custom decals made by myself and a small group of experts who can make kits better than me.


I'm a former committee member of the NSCC and was responsible for promoting the club and organizing two major slot car events namely the NSCC 25th Anniversary weekend in 2005 and more recently Slot Rally GB weekend in 2006. Both events were attended by over 2000 visitors and both included international race/rally competitions and displays from all the major slot manufacturers. Take a look in the side bar for more info and photos.


I'm still a member of the NSCC, responsible for liaison with Spanish slot car manufacture SCX, writing monthly articles on new product and special editions etc. I also organized the production of the NSCC 2008 limited edition car namely a special edition SCX Skoda WRC car.


I regularly participate on the Slot Forum discussing anything related to slot cars. Take a look at the links.


This site is not intended to be an accurate and complete listing of all and any Slot Rally car, simply a reference of my collection for me to use as a resource whilst out and about buying new stuff! That said I welcome any feedback and information on cars that I don't have in my collection. I will regularly update the site with new acquisitions.  From time to time I will also publish reviews on new slot rally cars and detailed info on cars in my collection.


All the photos on this web site (unless otherwise stated) are taken by me and are subject to copyright protection. Please do not copy, link or use without my prior permission.


Thanks for looking, enjoy browsing through my collection, there are now over 1000 cars to look at all listed alphabetically by car manufacturer. I am always interested in purchasing slot cars I don't already own, but the cars shown in the collection are not for sale.


Gareth. (Jexy1)